Unique! This Restaurant Serves Ramen With Cola Soup

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Ramen ideally served with warm and savory broth. But a restaurant in Japan serves ramen with cola broth. Do you want to try?

Japanese food is very popular not only in its home country but also in many other countries. Ramen combines noodles with savory broth and a variety of delicious toppings that make it much-loved.

Ramen in his home country was created in a unique way. There is a blue sauce, boba topping, and now there is ramen with carbonated broth (cola).

Reporting from Sora News (20/3), ramen with cola sauce is called ‘Cola Tsukemen’. Tsukemen is a cold ramen served on a plate with a variety of toppings such as cuts of meat and boiled eggs.

The way to eat tsukemen is not like ramen in general, because the sauce is used as a dip and served separately. The one used for Tsukemen dip is stronger than the usual ramen sauce.

But this restaurant uses a unique dip sauce, cola plus lemon slices. The restaurant that serves ramen tsukemen with cola broth is a collaboration between Menya Musashi and Iyoshi Cola.

Cola used is made directly by Iyoshi Cola, not using the cola brand that is commonly found in the market. They mix them using natural ingredients such as citrus fruits, spices, and cola nuts.

Cola tsukemen ramen is served on a plate with the size of thin noodles, added slices of processed pork, and boiled eggs mixed with cola. Do not miss a small bowl of cola dipping sauce.

This dish will be limited to sales, only about 15 bowls per day. You can only see him at the Menya Musashi outlet located in Shibuya, Japan. To enjoy it, cola tsukemen ramen is priced at 1,200 yen