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For the entr?e, I am craving ham slowly roasted in apple cider with an apple-honey-mustard glaze. Now keep in mind, I stated I don?t want to prepare dinner all day, so I?m going to rely on my sluggish-cooker (also called a crock-pot). That is my favourite entertaining secret weapon. I get all the advantages of a sluggish cooked meal with out having to hover over the stove for hours. To accompany the ham, I?ll make tacky cheddar grits and apple-cabbage slaw. These might be easy to organize shortly earlier than guests arrive.

For dinner, I want to start with a small salad of combined greens combined with sliced apples and topped with candied walnuts (which I purchase pre-candied within the nut aisle at my local grocery retailer) and a shaving or two of Parmesan cheese. Bleu cheese crumbles could be a delicious different to the parm, if you desire. Drizzle only a touch of olive oil and apple cider vinegar and voila! Salad is served.

Lastly, listed below are some cooking suggestions that I’ll share with you. First, just be sure you usually are not utilizing recycled oil in order to have a fresh tasty product. Second, watch out for the fire. Don’t overheat your oil so as not to burn your dough. To avoid over-frying of your dough, flip if the color underside is already golden. Don’t overload your fryer too. Don’t be in a rush, it is better to work slowly but certainly quite than to burn all your dough. Third, drain the doughnuts into the fryer for a few minutes before eradicating them. It will save you from using extra oil. And lastly, keep away from twisting when slicing your doughnuts, instead minimize in a straight down motion.