Is it Safe to Eat Gold-Wrapped Food?

We certainly have heard of gold-wrapped foods such as ice cream, pizza, cupcakes, and other foods. Since gold is an expensive precious metal, gold-wrapped food is considered a luxury food. However, there are the questions, is this gold plated food safe for consumption? is it safe to eat?

The gold used to wrapped this food is usually in the form of gold leaf. This gold is truly genuine, but then processed in such a way that it becomes a very thin sheet and can be formed as a food wrapper or topping. Usually, this gold is yellow with a size of 22 carats.

What is interesting is that the gold leaf has already received a food-grade label or is safe for consumption and will not trigger poisoning. It’s just that, because it is made of metal, of course this gold will not provide nutrients so it will not affect health. We will only get the impression of consuming luxury food. In terms of taste, this gold also tends to be bland and does not add to the taste of dishes.

Apart from gold leaf, it turns out that there is another metal that is also used as a food wrapped, namely vark. Not only gold, vark can also use silver. The vark sheets used to coat these foods tend to crumble very easily so they are suitable for serving on cakes, especially the Indian specialty cake called Barfi.

Seeing this fact, we don’t need to worry if we are suddenly treated to gold-wrapped food. This food has been confirmed safe for consumption. It’s just that, if we want to buy it ourselves, it’s good to think twice because the price is of course very expensive and not provide any nutritional value.