Have a Similar Shape, Here are The Differences Between Cupcakes and Muffins

Almost everyone likes sweet foods, such as cakes, cupcakes, and muffins. For those of you who like to eat sweet foods, you must be familiar with the shape of cupcakes and muffins. Both have almost the same shape, which is shaped like a cup and is cooked by baking. Even though they are similar in shape, these two types of food have quite a lot of differences.

Let’s find out the differences between these two types of cakes!

Cupcake and Muffin Ingredients

Apart from the shape, actually the similarity of cupcakes and muffins is the ingredients they are made of. However, some people often change the ingredients of the muffin.

Cupcakes and muffins are usually made from the basic ingredients of wheat flour, butter, sugar, eggs, and milk.

Sometimes the person making the muffins will substitute ingredients like wheat flour for whole wheat, oat flour, or peanut flour. In addition, the butter used is sometimes replaced with olive oil. The goal is to make muffins healthier when consumed.

Process of Mixing Ingredients

Another difference from muffins and cupcakes is in the way or process of mixing the ingredients of the ingredients, here friends. Cupcakes are made by mixing sugar and butter first so that the dough and the texture of the cupcakes become smoother.

The cupcake dough is also stirred for a long time, so that there are no bubbles in the dough. A cupcake has cream or frosting on top These bubbles will make the cupcake’s texture hollow and not smooth.

Well, other than that, muffin dough is not as soft and smooth as cupcake dough. Muffin dough tends to be thick because it is only stirred briefly so it is not smooth. This brief stirring of the muffin dough will make the muffin texture denser than the soft cupcakes.

Cupcakes Have a Sweet Taste, Muffins Can Have Sweet Or Savory Flavors

Many people love cupcakes because of their sweet taste, both from the cake and cream. Yep, when we buy a cupcake, the taste we got  is enjoy the sweet. This is different from muffins, friends, which can be made with sweet or savory flavors.

Muffins can be mixed with sweet ingredients, such as fruit or chocolate. Muffins have a denser texture But we can also make muffins with a delicious taste,  which is mixing nuts or adding eggs and meat.

Cream or Frosting on Top

When buying a cupcake, do you choose the creamy taste on top? The cream that is often called frosting on cupcakes is one of the charms of this snack, because it can be created and given a variety of flavors.

Besides cream, cupcakes can also be decorated with various shapes or faces of our favorite characters. But this is different from muffins, which are always served unadorned like cream on top. Muffins are served without using cream, because of that muffins are considered healthier than cupcakes, friends. What’s more, the ingredients for muffins can be replaced with healthier ingredients and the dough can also be added with healthy additions such as fruit.

Besides that, muffins are also more often used as food for breakfast while cupcakes are usually eaten as a snack.