Apparently, the most popular culinary in the world comes from this country!

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A survey conducted by YouGov succeeded in identifying the most popular culinary in the world. Inquired have inquired, the culinary is actually already familiar on the tongue of Indonesian people.

In this world there are indeed various types of delicious dishes with their uniqueness. Such as processed sushi typical of Japan’s Sakura State, dim sum from China, to processed Indonesian original rendang which had been named the most delicious culinary in the world.

Of the various choices, of course it will be very difficult to determine which dishes are the most popular and popular by culinary lovers around the world?

As mentioned earlier, the YouGov survey found that Italian cuisine is the most popular, and almost all restaurants in all countries offer these dishes.

If you look at the types of food itself, such as pizza and pasta, it is certainly not surprising if Italy managed to defeat the other culinary centers of the world such as Paris, Japan, to China. The survey results say, 99 percent of Italians claim to really like local cuisine or special food of their own country.

Interestingly, 90% of Spaniards, French, Swedes, British, Filipinos and Australians also claim that they really like Italian food.

Meanwhile, Chinese culinary has been named the second most popular food in the world, then Japan is ranked third. Well, the most popular food based on the results of this survey turned out to be from Peru and Finland.

But according to one writer, if this study included the opinions of Peruvians, then Finnish cuisine would most likely be ranked at the bottom. As reported by The Daily Meal, Thursday (3/14/2019).