The most favorite and most hated breakfast menu for Queen Elizabeth II

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Despite having enormous power, Queen Elizabeth II was simple for food matters. She enjoyed this simple menu to start the day.

Reporting from the Cheat Sheet, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, the queen apparently only had one request at breakfast, namely cereal. That simple dish was the queen’s favorite and had to be there every morning.

The queen’s favorite brand of cereal is Kellogg. Very simple and never imagined before.

Maybe all this time in our minds, someone like Queen Elizabeth II had breakfast with a variety of sumptuous foods. Even more interesting, the queen also prepared her own cereal.

Pungent Aroma and Taste

There is another menu that is a must but not for breakfast. With a variety of dishes at dinner, chocolate biscuit cakes must be available for dinner.

A former chef, McGrady, who serves Queen Elizabeth II, said the chocolate biscuit cakes will continue to be eaten until they are not left every day.

“Even though there is only one small piece left, it must still be presented to the queen,” McGrady said.

In addition, it was also revealed that there was one food ingredient that the Queen did not like, namely garlic. According to McGrady, Queen Elizabeth II hates garlic because it has a pungent aroma and taste. She also does not consume potatoes and pasta.

She prefers fish or chicken dishes with vegetables as a complement. It was believed to be one of the tips that made the Queen still look healthy and fit at the age of 93 years.