5 Culinary Business Trends During the Covid-19 Pandemic, One of which is Organic Healthy Food

Delivery trend grows amid coronavirus restrictions | Food Management

The Covid-19 pandemic has hit countries in the world, recorded since March 2020.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has had a considerable influence on various aspects of people’s lives, including business trends to consumer behavior patterns.

In an era of pandemics like this, the economic sector will feel the most impact. Many businesses have experienced a decline in demand for goods or services.

Some people also choose to minimize expenses and activities that involve the interaction of many people in order to protect themselves from the environment around them. People tend to want activities that are safe and healthy. This trend is also evident in the culinary or food business sector.

The occurrence of the Covid-19 pandemic has changed people’s habits in consuming food. This change also has an impact on culinary business trends.

Here are 5 culinary business trends that developed rapidly during the Covid-19 pandemic.

1. Frozen Food

Very practical, economical, and durable are the reasons for many people to buy frozen food. Moreover, when there are restrictions on activities in public spaces and the enforcement of health protocols, the space for movement is increasingly limited. Some people like to buy frozen food as a food reserve at home without having to go out to buy food frequently.

2. Ready to cook

According to Nielsen’s data, during a pandemic people tend to cook more often. On the other hand, people also need food that is easy and fast to serve. This need is also an opportunity for culinary entrepreneurs to provide ready-to-cook menus.

3. Delivery service

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the implementation of health protocols was an excuse for culinary entrepreneurs to limit the number of visitors to dine in. In addition, in times of emergency like this, many consumers consider safety when deciding to dine in. Therefore, delivery services can be a solution for the community without having to leave home.

4. Organic food

In the new normal era, healthy and hygienic food is the choice for public consumption. A healthy lifestyle is very necessary to maintain endurance so you don’t get sick easily. Some people tend to choose foods made from organic ingredients. This is because organic foods such as vegetables are not only healthy but also free from harmful substances.

5. Cloud Kitchen

Cloud kitchens are shared kitchens that focus on delivery services only. Usually, in one cloud kitchen there are several brands that join. This business model is very profitable, because an area that is not too large can minimize the operational costs of the restaurant.