4 Most Unique Ice Cream Flavors, from Charcoal to Cow Tongue

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What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Usually, we only know the taste of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or fruit flavor. There are also contemporary ice cream with green tea, thai tea, or taro flavor.

But as the development of the culinary world that increasingly innovates in terms of taste, now comes a variety of ice cream with interesting, unique and unusual flavors.

Reporting from the page Travelandleisure, here are four flavors of ice cream in the world that presents a unique taste and different from the others.

1. Taste of Cow Tongue

Cow’s tongue has been known as one type of food. But now there is a beef tongue flavored ice cream that is interesting and unique. The capital of Japan, Tokyo, is known to sell a variety of ice cream with various flavors.

Not only beef tongue, you also taste this dessert with several other flavors such as curry, basil, and garlic which can be found in a number of Tokyo ice cream shops.

2. Gin and tonic

Gin and tonic is one type of cocktail that is added with ice cubes to enjoy it. But the Vioko ice cream shop in Barcelona, ​​Spain, turns one of the most popular drinks in the city into a unique dessert that is gin and tonic ice cream.

Besides ice cream, this shop is also famous for selling various other desserts, like macaron and chocolate.

3. Foie gras

Like beef tongue, foie gras is also a type of food. Foie gras is a typical French food made from goose or duck liver.

But at Philippe Faur’s ice cream shop in Allans, France, they turned the traditional food into delicious ice cream.

4. Charcoal

Stockholm Glasshus is a famous ice cream shop in Stockholm, Sweden. In this shop you can taste a variety of unique ice cream flavors, including those made from charcoal.

This charcoal dessert certainly makes tourists interested in trying it. Besides charcoal ice cream, they also sell champagne sorbets that are famous throughout the world.