4 Delicious Porridge from Various Countries in the World, Interested in Trying?

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Talking about porridge, Several countries in the world are very famous for their distinctive, delicious and certainly appetizing porridge. Here is a variety of porridge from various countries.


Polenta is a typical Italian porridge. This porridge is very similar to grits. It is yellow in color with the main ingredient being finely ground corn kernels. Polenta porridge is cooked by boiling it until the texture is like cream. Usually, this porridge is served with fresh fruit slices, vegetables, grilled meat and fish.


Kasha is a typical porridge of Russian and Polish society. Kasha porridge comes from buckwheat seeds. The color of this porridge is brown with a savory taste due to the added salt and butter in it. Kasha porridge can be served with a sprinkling of fried garlic or milk and other toppings according to taste.


This porridge is a typical Mexican porridge. The ingredients for making this porridge are chocolate, water, milk, sugar, cinnamon powder and corn flour. All ingredients are cooked over low heat until cooked and boiling. The taste tends to be sweet with a very soft texture. For Fimela’s friends who want to make interesting dishes on Valentine’s Day, Champurrado porridge can be an inspiration.


Upma porridge is a typical Indian porridge. This lathe is made from semolina flour mixed with curry leaves, onions, beans, salt, green chilies, cumin and many more. With thick and distinctive spices, Upma porridge has a very unique taste but is very appetizing.